Our Staff

Arja Lähdeaho-Hernberg

03-422 2222

"Arja is a competent customer service representative and by nature she tackles works with a happy and professional attitude. Doing business with Arja is very pleasant!"

Tommi Kalliopuska

Driving Instructor
045-894 4604

"Tommi is a young and nice fellow that studies to become an engineer in Häme University of Applied Sciences. Driving with Tommi's expertise at your side is very relaxing!"

Matti Saviniemi

Driving instructor
0500-487 001

"Matti is a knowledgeable and good teacher that, with over 47 years of experience, care, and fidelity, educates good drivers into the traffic."

Markus Mutkiainen

Driving Instructor

"Markus is a knowledgeable driving instructor that teaches in nearly every license class (from mopeds to trucks), Markus mainly takes care of the office located in the equine college of Ypäjä."

Tuula Kalliopuska

Wife of the director

"Tuula helps from time to time with customer service. Tuula is a nice and empathic person."

Jouni Kalliopuska

Director of the driving school, Driving Instructor
040-776 1223

"Jouni is always in a good mood and his nerves can withstand strenous situations. Jouni also instructs future driving instructors in HAMK, at the vocational teacher education college"


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